[rescue] More bits and pieces

Brent B. Powers sunrescue at b2pi.com
Tue Jun 10 13:37:09 CDT 2003

>>>>> "Jeffrey" == Jeffrey Nonken <jeff_work at nonken.net> writes:

    Jeffrey> On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 12:47:06 -0500, "Joshua D. Boyd"
    Jeffrey> <jdboyd at celestrion.celestrion.net> wrote:

    >> Your mision, and you have no choice but to accept it, is to
    >> build a small maspar machine to run some unix like OS (or,
    >> optionally, spin your own lisp os) on that equipment.
    >> Purchasing of PCBs, and additionally memory is allowed.

    Jeffrey> Bah, just get me some perf board and wire wrap
    Jeffrey> sockets. Already have two wrapping tools and lots of
    Jeffrey> wire. As for memory... if I don't have enough SRAM, I've
    Jeffrey> got some DRAM we can use. The 8202 is a DRAM controller,
    Jeffrey> yes? :)
    >>  ;)

As soon as you figure out how to do this without an MMU, you'll be
ready for an IPO... How about yellow post-it stickies....

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