[rescue] max Octane SI resolution

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Tue Jun 10 01:41:32 CDT 2003

Thanks all for the info.  Right now i've got an SGI 20" on my
Octane at home and an SGI 24" on my linux box at home.  Just
got another SGI 24" and i was debating whether or not i should
take it home and pop it on the Octane or just use it on my
linux box at work.  Given the info received here, it stays
here at work.

1280x1024 sucks though, on a 20" or on a 24".  Maybe i'll look
for another SI card and try to go dual head with another 20". 
The rez isn't so much the problem as is the screen real

At least now i can bring in an Indy to work and play around
with it here.


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