[rescue] More bits and pieces

Jeffrey Nonken jeff_work at nonken.net
Tue Jun 10 12:34:48 CDT 2003

Let's see, some more "junk."

Eleven 68000 CPUs. These are 64-pin DIPs, each the size of Manhattan. Some
ceramic, some plastic. Don't think I'll have much trouble finding info on
these. (I think I have a book anyway. :)

Four 8259A-2 chips. Programmable interrupt controller.

Intel 8202. Looks like it's a DRAM controller.

8255s out the wazoo.

Four 8086-2 chips, three 8088s (one -2), a V30 and a V20.

Five Z80s.

Two Z80A DMAs.

Two Z80 CTC (Counter-Timer Circuit).

Four Z80 PIO chips.

Three Z80 SIO/1 and an SIO/0.

A pair of Z8530 chips, one AMD and one Zilog. Some kind of synchronous
serial controller. Must be significant because there's all sorts of stuff
out there talking about programming them, including Linux drivers.

Three Hitachi HD4650SSP-1 chips. I believe this is a video controller.

An 8741. Heh.

A National Semiconductor 8212. Looks like it's basically an 8-bit latch.

An 82450. Practically useless.

An 8250. Even more useless.

Two SCC2692. Looks like that's a Dual UART. 40-pin DIP.

Four 68C681. Another Dual UART, this one in a PLCC-44.

An 8089-3 and three 8089A-3s. I/O co-processor.

Four AMD AM9513PCs. Contains five 16-bit programmable counters. (I looked
these up once. They're SCARY.)

Six AM53C80 (AMD) and a DP5380 (National). Asynchronous SCSI interface.

A tube of Dallas NVSRAMs: one DS1225A D (used), six DS1225Y (three used),
two DS1220Y (used). Used condition going by the condition of the pins.
These are at least 10 years old, used or not, and have been sitting in this
tube for all that time, so your guess is as good as mine as to whether the
batteries are still good. :)

128Kx8 and 32Kx8 SRAM DIPs and SOICs by the ton.

(Note: SRAM is Static RAM, not to be confused with SDRAM, which is
Synchronous Dynamic RAM. A whole different kettle of fish.)

UVEPROMs ranging from 2764 to 27010, and maybe some 2732s, 2716s, and
possibly even the odd 2708 (shudder).

DANGER DANGER Computer store ahead... hide wallet.

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