[rescue] First steps on "new" rs6000?

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Jun 9 20:59:46 CDT 2003

   Robert Novak writes:

>  [Carl Friend remarked:]

> >    Try pulling the graphics card.  This *should* trick the thing
> > into going past this error.  And, yes, 262 is "Keyboard not detected
> > as being connected to the system's keyboard port."
> Did that first. As I sat here typing it, the card was sitting on the
> detached keyboard.

   Oh, well.  'Twas just an idea.  I suppose the crux of the issue
is what you plan to use the machine for in the end.  I've got a
220 that boots fine with both graphics console and RS-232, and a
PowerServer 930 that's serial-only.  The RS/6000s are finicky,
though, about modem controls.

> Turned out the Sony monitor I had sitting here works just fine with it, so
> I don't have to muck with rerunning power cables and such. I'm installing
> AIX 5L 5.1 right now, Fileset 33 of 218. Yay.

   Does your graphics card have any recognisable markings on it?
I'm wondering if I need to get another monitor to support some
of my "higher-end" kit....  Dang, my simple one won't talk to
either my SPX-equipped DECstation or my hi-res HP box; I have no
reason to suspect that it'll work with some of the better IBM
bits either.

> >    The machine wants full modem controls from the serial device.
> Hmmm. WOnder if I should turn on hardware flow control on the laptop port
> then. Oh well, it's working well for now on the graphical console.

   I think it'd be worth a go, but don't get your hopes up.  Usually
DTR passed to RTS and DCD is (I think) enough.  Check to make doubly
sure that you've got a null-modem adapter that does the full monty.


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