[rescue] Perverse Question

Kurt Mosiejczuk kurt at csh.rit.edu
Mon Jun 9 19:07:32 CDT 2003

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Mike Hebel wrote:

> > Did you try it out?  No problems with playback?

> Yes I did and yes it works.  Provided you remember three things:

> 1) You're not going to play 128k mp3s out of it.  28k ones worked ok
> though.

Ugh...  most of my MP3s are 192k, and ultimately I want to play
vorbis files on it... (I have NO idea what the CPU impact of
vorbis is yet...)

> 2) The leaner the OS the better off you are.  No X-Windows and mp3.
> Just won't work.  mpg123 worked well though.

That's pretty much a no brainer for me.

> 3) Debian Sparc is your best friend on this.  Do as lean a load as your
> can though.

I've shoehorned debian onto a 207MB drive with a 50MB swap and had
30 MB to spare, I can do that =)

> >>> However, because it uses the ISDN audio, the BSDs are out.

> Funny but IIRC the audio hardware on the LX is different than the others
> and is not ISDN but a separate chip.  NetBSD should support it by now
> but like I said you need to check with the developers on it.

I'll check that out.  I was under the impression from the supported
lists of the various OSs that it was the DBRI, but I could be wrong...

> Debian works well...


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