[rescue] Gotta love those PeeCees

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Mon Jun 9 16:19:16 CDT 2003

Jeffrey Nonken wrote:
> Feature: Plug & Play O/S
> Options: 7 No (default) / Yes
> Description:
> Specifies if a Plug and Play operating system is being used.
> No lets the BIOS configure all devices.
> Yes lets the operating system configure Plug and Play devices.  Not
> required with a Plug and Play operating system.
> Somebody explain to me what the HELL this option is good for?!?!

Each card has a little bit of rom on it to configure it at boot time.
The card can be left in an unitialized state or configured with a default

Setting this to NO causes the bios to execute these rom setup programs telling
them to set the card up in the default state, or do more sofisticated 
configuration such as resolving irq and dma conflicts.

Setting to yes leaves the card in an unconfigured mode so that the operating
system will reslove address, irq and dma conflicts and assign them as

Generaly you are better off setting to yes with win 98 or later. (including
nt4 if the pnpisa service is running). It should also be yes for linux.
I don't know about any other operating systems.


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