[rescue] First steps on "new" rs6000?

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Mon Jun 9 16:00:36 CDT 2003

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Robert Novak wrote:

> It's not a 390, to my knowledge... it's the one I described a few days
> ago:
> 	I saw a RS6000 3CT, model 7030 today. Google's results suggest

Okay, it's even better, then.  Same generation, slightly different

> Oooh. Keyboard may be a curiosity but I do have an SGI monitor here. I may

Try a regular PS/2 keyboard.  Either it'll work, or the system will give
you an LED code on the front for "keyboard not found".

> go with serial console at first since I'm short on space to set up the
> monitor right now. :) RS-232 9600N81 or the like, I'm hoping?

With Xon-Xoff flow control, IIRC.

> > Unless you have two memory cards, you have 8 SIMMs, and a minimum of
> > 64MB of memory.  I -think- you can have a maximum of 512MB per card.
> I saw two cards.

Oooh.  Beefy.

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