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Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Mon Jun 9 12:58:21 CDT 2003

On 2003.06.09 17:35 Bill Bradford wrote:

> > > I have multiple genital pierings. E.g.
> All I can say is "ow".  Anybody who can go through that has more
> balls than me (pardon the pun).
Well. It is not that bad like it sounds. I have a Prince Albert. [1]
This was my first piercing. There is only one piercing that heals faster
then a PA: A tongue piercing. Tongue and PA are the most unproblematic
piercings. OK, the actual piercing hurts a bit, but is over in less then
a second.

The first time, when it was still sore, I thought "Oh my good, what have
I done? Put that piece of titanium out." and in the next moment "Oh my
good, this is so hot, I love it." It was quite sensitive for the first
two weeks, then it healed quite fast and I got used to it. It really
looks "nice" (hehehe ;-) ). But you feel the _real_ purpose of a PA when
you have sex with it... :-)))

Meanwhile I have extended the hole to 6 mm and I am wearing a 4 mm ring.
I found that rings in the range of 4..6 mm are the most comfortable and
it is more "effective" to have a hole that is a bit larger then the

The other piercings are a scrotal ladder. No big deal, this piercings
don't hurt much. But unfortunately only one of the fife piercings heald,
a common problem with that type of piercing. Meanwhile I have a 6 mm
flesh tunnel in that "guiche' position. (Don't try to put a ring in
there, it does not work.) So $multiple == 2, at the moment... ;-)

BTW: I have 11 mm flesh tunnel in my left ear lobe. (piercing #3)

> I get shaky when they have to give me injections at the hospital;
I had the same problems. But I had a disease some years ago where my
blood needed to be analysed every week, then every two weeks, ... Finaly
I was quite used to needles.

[1] If you wane know what a PA is have a look at the


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