[rescue] DEC Alphaserver 2100

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Mon Jun 9 14:16:22 CDT 2003

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Corda Albert J DLVA wrote:

> Does anyone know if I need both power supplies to get this critter
> running, or was the extra supply just for redundancy?

You need two for certain configurations.  I believe you can run it with
two CPU boards, two memory boards, and one of the internal drive towers
full before you need a second supply.  There's a jumper on the system
board that configures the system for two-supply or 1+1 operation.

> Also, I happen to have 3 CPU boards (have to check the speed...)

Oooh.  Are they EV4 or are they EV5?

> and an extra memory board in my junk box that will fit this critter,
> so I should be able to get it running as a 4 CPU smp system (assuming
> the speeds match)  I just hope I don't need the extra power supply
> to support this configuration... (It will be running with just
> a single Hard Disk)

You will.  The system Will Not Start with that many cards on a single
PSU.  It will try -really- hard for a few seconds, power down, and
refuse to try again until you give the PSU time to reset.

> Any commments or suggestions?...

If one of those cards is an EV5/250, I might be interested in buying
it.  That'd bring my two systems into parity.

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