[rescue] DEC Alphaserver 2100

Corda Albert J DLVA CordaAJ at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Mon Jun 9 13:59:35 CDT 2003

...Continuing from my previous post on the RS/6000 haul...

I managed to get my hands on a (big) DEC AlphaServer 2100... Single
CPU and one memory board. Don't know the complete specs yet, since it is 
still at the vendor's warehouse. All I know is what I was able to
eyeball when I was there this weekend... it appears that the box may
have had 2 power supplies at one time. Now there is only one installed,
leaving the lower opening empty.

Does anyone know if I need both power supplies to get this critter
running, or was the extra supply just for redundancy?

Also, I happen to have 3 CPU boards (have to check the speed...)
and an extra memory board in my junk box that will fit this critter,
so I should be able to get it running as a 4 CPU smp system (assuming
the speeds match)  I just hope I don't need the extra power supply
to support this configuration... (It will be running with just
a single Hard Disk)

Any commments or suggestions?...

-acorda at 1bigred.com

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