[rescue] Perverse Question

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Mon Jun 9 13:28:56 CDT 2003

>> Their rules. Furniture can be "given away" (not that easy but it can be
>> done), but computer equipment cannot. It has to go to DRMO or be
>> destroyed. I volunteered to "destroy" it *for* them, but no go...
>I can understand this rule for media, but what military secrets could
>possibly be latent in 10 year-old silicon that probably hasn't seen any
>confidential information in the last two or three years?
>Not that I'm saying the agency I work for doesn't have silly rules like
>that, but I never cease to be amazed with the wasteful attitudes of the
>public sector.

Once it hits DRMO other government agencies get a chance at it, then some
other affliated groups (I recall hearing that some native american agencies
got a chance, maybe some schools), and then the general public.  I've
gotten lots of cool stuff from DRMO, usually dirt cheap.  HP-41CV for
$2.50, for instance.  I've also been had--Intergraph Interpro 125 for $25!
Ouch.  Learned my lesson there.


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