Best documented platforms [was Re: [rescue] Perverse Question]

Michael Still michaelstill at
Mon Jun 9 11:52:47 CDT 2003

On 06/09/03 at 09:34 AM you wrote:
>  >If you ever wanted to play with a RISC machine at a really low level,
>  >the sun4c and sun4m (the LX is sun4m) are probably the 
> best-documented
>  >platforms on the planet, and SPARC assembly language is -really- 
> easy.

Wait a sec.  I just got done taking an assembly language class in sparc
(yes they switched from x86 to sparc) and I was really surprised to not
find that many materials available for reference. had some
stuff and I found only a little bit on Sun's doc site.  There just
wasn't that much there for assembly programming.  I'm not saying that
Sun assembly is hard (I thought it wasn't so bad), but there could be a
few more references out there for us.

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