Best documented platforms [was Re: [rescue] Perverse Question]

Scott Newell newell at
Mon Jun 9 11:34:43 CDT 2003

>If you ever wanted to play with a RISC machine at a really low level,
>the sun4c and sun4m (the LX is sun4m) are probably the best-documented
>platforms on the planet, and SPARC assembly language is -really- easy.

Links & pointers, please!

I'm aware that DEC put out quite a bit of good stuff on the TurboChannel
MIPS based machines ( , but
I've never been able to find much other than the CPU docs for the sun4c
stuff.  Sun pulled the SBUS spec (800-5822-10) from their site and don't
intend to put it back, from what they remember them telling me.  (If anyone
can tell me where the sun4c gets it's 100Hz ticker, let me know...)

What else out there is really well documented...PPC based chrp and prep,


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