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> Ido, I'm curious, how many books would rescuers need to buy to put $1
> in *your* pocket? Just curious about the realities of book
> authorship... I assume the bulk of any monies you will see were in an
> advance/flat fee for services...
> If you don't mind, a glimpse into the realities would be
> enlightening...
> Thanks,

  I think it would have to be alot of books because everything that I have
written up until now has been a flat fee for service agreement.  I don't see
any royalties or advances because of the nature of the way I've done my 
writing.  Now, that will be different once the book I wrote for Cisco Press
comes out in December...for that work I will get 50% of the royalties (I was
the lead co-author on that work).  I'm getting tired of the flat-fee for 
service deals...sometimes they're more headache than they are worth.

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