[rescue] "Desk Top: workstation on E-pay

Rico Pajarola rp_sunrescue at servium.ch
Sun Jun 8 10:44:30 CDT 2003

Robert Novak <rnovak at indyramp.com> wrote
>Another wanted me to ship internationally on his UPS account,
>and he'd send me a check.
>Some people just don't read the listings. The stories I could tell.
that must have been me (at least I have done it that way on several
occasions, be it dealing with you or someone else)... I asked nicely
*before* bidding, exactly because I have read it.

I admit, the UPS account and the check aren't the simplest ways of
sending stuff around, but they guarante zero-risk of fraud to you
('item ships the day after payment is received').

It's too bad (rescue-wise) to be living outside the US...


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