[rescue] OS X and dual CPU machines?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Jun 8 10:09:49 CDT 2003

While I'm not a Mac head... I have used multi cpu machines.... so I have
some comments...

If your doing stuff or are in an environment that can make effective use
out of the dual cpus... the dual cpu machine will be faster.  This requires
the use of programs/environments that aren't single threaded (i.e. many
versions of Windows the GUI desktop is a single "thread").  Even if the
UI is not multithreaded on Mac, the UI, OS, and apps will have more cpus
to share than just one.

In addition, even in a situation where your doing something that won't
get much benefit from multiple cpus, just about anything will take
advantage of the bigger cache.....  the larger cache of one slower cpu
can compensate vs the smaller cache of the larger cpu.  These days 256K
is not a lot of cache.

My recommendation is go for the dual...

Then there is always MP sickness... like my Sparccenter 1000E with 8
85MHZ processors each with 2M of cache and fully loaded with 2G of RAM....
hmmmm... MP goodness.

-- Curt

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>Subject: [rescue] OS X and dual CPU machines?
>Hi All.
>I've been wondering, would OS X run better on a dual G4 500mhz machine 
>with 1mb cache per CPU, than on an 800mhz iMac with a single G4 CPU 
>with only 256k cache?
>- -Mike
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