[rescue] cdrom woes again...

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Sun Jun 8 09:45:42 CDT 2003

Make sure that you do not have any old SCSI hard drives that do
thermal recalibration on their own. If you do, and any drive on the
controler recalibrates itself while you are burning the CD, it will go
ok, but the the CD will have a bad spot on it.

Older drives require CD blanks with yellow dye. There are basicly two
kinds of CD blanks, yellow or blue dye. Older drives do not read the
blue dye CD's well.

Write the CD's at single speed. The faster speeds write smaller pits and
sometimes it matters.

Turn of any anti-overrun software if you can. It works by stretching the
gap between sectors to compensate for missing data. The gaps are within
spec, but many older drives were not built to that spec. :-(

Consider cleaning the lens. I've repaired many a CD-ROM drive by using
a head cleaning CD.


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