[rescue] Perverse Question

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Sun Jun 8 03:55:26 CDT 2003

On 2003.06.07 12:14 Robert Novak wrote:

> The small cases for PCs are not as easy to find for a reasonable
> price.
It was always a bit expennsive to have a special taste. ;-)
When I look over the ads in a German computer magazine, I can see quite 
some MiniITX cases and bare bone systems for affordable prices.

> I'd rather spend $10-20 on an IPX case than $100-200 for one of
> the minicube PC cases.
Depends. You can drop a PeeCee MoBo into a PC case and you are done. A 
IPX case would need some extensive work = time. And time is $$$. 
(Sometimes at least.) If you are willing to do some work, well you can 
fit a MiniITX board into an old SCSI box as well or make a completely 
new box out of wood or... 
> Watch out, you'll certainly have people threatening you over this too.
> Or at least we can hope for such equality. :)
Sometimes I like to provocate. ;-)

> > [2] I did it the other way. I got a cheap Ultra5 board that I
> > mounted in an old Pentium PeeCee box.
> The AXi boards were designed for use in ATX enclosures. So this isn't
> particularly noteworthy.
U5 != AXi. The U5/U10 is AT formfactor with ATX power and needs a slot 
riser too. It wasn't that easy to find a box where the U5 board half 
fited and I had to do some work on the other half.

At least it was a rescue. The first CPU on the board was broken 
electrically. Then I got an other CPU with some bent pins in one 
connector. I had to do some surgery with the soldering iron to 
transplant the bent pins... So: U5 Board + 2 * broken CPUs + old PeeCee 
parts = working U5.


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