[rescue] Some days ....

Michael Free mfree80286 at adelphia.net
Sun Jun 8 01:38:17 CDT 2003

You've got it all wrong, man... you need to put the driver in config.sys,
and then go make sure you've added it to win.ini and system.ini in the
windows directory. Oh, and don't forget to turn on the 15-16M memory hole
setting in BIOS, and those cards can be pretty tricky about Video BIOS
shadowing. And make sure you have a good free IRQ and DMA setting, and that
nothing;s stepping on your memory location. Oh, and don't forget to set the
card jumpers for the right DRAM timing and size.


Dear GOD pc's are a PAIN IN THE A$$. I'd almost forgotten about all that

Mike Free

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