[rescue] SS20 and ultra1 FB help

Robert Green rgreen-92 at ionet.net
Sat Jun 7 23:21:51 CDT 2003

OK First time here so here we go.

I have a SS20 and an Ultra1 that both boot and seem to have everything in 
the prom setup to output to the monitor on boot but they both do not.  

I tried first tried with a 13w3-to-HDB15 adaptor on the Ultra1.  The 
monitor seemed to try to sync but would not display anything.  It seems 
to have some issues with relyably detecting the monitor type.  The 
adaptor does have some swtiches to change the id code reported.  I have 
used this same adaptor on a SS4 and IPC without any problems before.  

I have also tried a SGI monitor to which the Ultra1 seems to see ok (in 
serial console mode) but still no go there.  I have tried the SS20 with 
this monitor with the same results.  I currently don't know if they SS20 
is seeing the monitor at all since I can't log in right now.  (Second hand 
system that I don't have the passwords to).

Any help on this would be helpful.  If you need more info than what I have 
given let me know.


Robert Green    aka cyber_mage
rgreen-92 at ionet.net          http://robert.nontrivial.org         
robert at dvns.com
rg0428 at broncho.ucok.edu      Never underestimate the power of the net.

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