[rescue] Perverse Question

Michael Free mfree80286 at adelphia.net
Sat Jun 7 19:32:43 CDT 2003

*really* ugly doesn't even begin to start. I was running a knockoff  CGA 8
bit XT half card of some brand I can't remember, but it had a little
extension below the end of the XT card edge that I had to cover with
electrical tape because I was afraid I'd short out the connectors in the 16
bit extension. That was a beautiful board though, I still have it... a Texas
Instrument 386SX16 that I was running 8 megs ram on. $5 for the board and
$20 for ram back in 1994 :) That was my very first self-owned self-built PC.
But, it was replaced and so because a toy like everything else.

Anyhow, the monitor was an old unnnamed composite monitor that had been used
with a commodore 64... though it did have a big printed sticker on top that
said "This unit has not been tested for FCC acceptance and is not legal for
sale within the US" or something like that.

Win 3.1 on 640x200 CGA, on a 386sx16 with 8M ram, on a monitor that might be
lucky to have a .75 dot pitch, bright fluorescent greeeeen. It was the most
hideous thing I've ever done, but I'm not ashamed :)

I like to do the near-impossible with hardware :)

Mike Free

>    Wow, I didn't know 3.1 even supported CGA.  That must've been
> *really* ugly. :)
>        -Dave
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