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Sat Jun 7 18:31:56 CDT 2003

*sigh* Just to end this discussion so it can go off the Rescue list...  
If this were Slashdot I'd watch my Karma sink through the floor.

Got the LX connector layouts here in my hand.  Downloadable from Sun.
(Sorry only on paper at the moment for me.)

There is no 3.3V so yes you will need a regulator.

The DC current output per the sheet is:

+5V == 9A
+12V == 2A
-12V == .1A

This data is for the Classic/LX power supply -Fuji PEX643-30 model.  

My advice would be obviously to take something like an LM7803(?) and put 
in on one of the +5V lines to get your 3.3V.

As for physically connecting them - since you're ruining the power 
supply for Sparc anyway - clip the connector and hard-solder a PC ATX 
connector with the appropriate wiring.

The only wire I don't understand the function of relevant to the current 
discussion is the gray wire marked "SENS" which is the "power good" 
wire.  You'll have to figure that one out on your own.

Mike Hebel

On Saturday, June 7, 2003, at 06:08 PM, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:

> Only problem is that all the current will be carried on an IPC/IPX 12V
> supply....
> well, not only problem....  without a load on the 5V line, the IPC/IPX
> supply may not regulate.
> What you may have to do is that if the IPC/IPX supply does not provide
> 3.3V, you may need to get a 3.3V regulator to make 3.3V off of the 5V
> line.
> -- Curt
>> Subject: Re: [rescue] Perverse Question
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>> Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 11:03:52 -0400
>> From: Al Potter <apotter at spankingnuns.com>
>> rnovak at indyramp.com said:
>>> Note that this is probably also the case with many Sun systems which
>>> are capable of powering up via keyboard. I just thought of this. I
>>> can't remember if the IPX and IPC and ilk work with keyboard-initiated
>>> powerup,
>> Good Thought!
>> The IPC/IPXen don't work that way, but I _think_ the Classic/LXen do.
>> I've also considered using something like this:
>> 	http://store.yahoo.com/ituner/posoformi.html
>> which is designed to snap into the atx PS connector on the mini-itx 
>> board,
>> and which wants a single 12v lead, which I cannot imagine NOT being
>> available from the sun PS.
>> rnovak at indyramp.com said:
>>> Maybe some of the people who want you dead for wanting to use a good
>>> case will send you some free Cycle upgrade boards for these critters.
>>> :) There were Cycle 5-IP boards that would take you as high as 125mhz
>>> MicroSPARC.
>> I actually thought about this as an option, but these boards are HARD 
>> to
>> find.  I honestly suspect a lot of them got shitcanned at some point 
>> because
>> no one realized the IPC/IPX in question had been upgraded.
>> The upside of a mini-itx solution is that it is x86, and that is where 
>> the
>> cluster work is really going on in earnest.  The easiest to get up and 
>> going
>> as far as I can tell is based on Openmosix.  There's a modified 
>> Knoppix CD
>> that lets you boot a machine, start a mosix terminal server, and then 
>> boot
>> the rest of the cluster off of it, all without installing anything on a
>> harddrive.
>> 	http://openmosix.sourceforge.net
>> 	http://bofh.be/clusterknoppix/
>> BTW, if you haven't discovered Knoppix, you're missing something.
>> AL
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