[rescue] Perverse Question

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Jun 7 18:08:37 CDT 2003

Only problem is that all the current will be carried on an IPC/IPX 12V

well, not only problem....  without a load on the 5V line, the IPC/IPX
supply may not regulate.

What you may have to do is that if the IPC/IPX supply does not provide
3.3V, you may need to get a 3.3V regulator to make 3.3V off of the 5V

-- Curt

>Subject: Re: [rescue] Perverse Question 
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>Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 11:03:52 -0400
>From: Al Potter <apotter at spankingnuns.com>
>rnovak at indyramp.com said:
>> Note that this is probably also the case with many Sun systems which
>> are capable of powering up via keyboard. I just thought of this. I
>> can't remember if the IPX and IPC and ilk work with keyboard-initiated
>> powerup,
>Good Thought!
>The IPC/IPXen don't work that way, but I _think_ the Classic/LXen do.
>I've also considered using something like this:
>	http://store.yahoo.com/ituner/posoformi.html
>which is designed to snap into the atx PS connector on the mini-itx board, 
>and which wants a single 12v lead, which I cannot imagine NOT being 
>available from the sun PS.
>rnovak at indyramp.com said:
>> Maybe some of the people who want you dead for wanting to use a good
>> case will send you some free Cycle upgrade boards for these critters.
>> :) There were Cycle 5-IP boards that would take you as high as 125mhz
>> MicroSPARC.
>I actually thought about this as an option, but these boards are HARD to 
>find.  I honestly suspect a lot of them got shitcanned at some point because 
>no one realized the IPC/IPX in question had been upgraded.
>The upside of a mini-itx solution is that it is x86, and that is where the 
>cluster work is really going on in earnest.  The easiest to get up and going 
>as far as I can tell is based on Openmosix.  There's a modified Knoppix CD 
>that lets you boot a machine, start a mosix terminal server, and then boot 
>the rest of the cluster off of it, all without installing anything on a 
>	http://openmosix.sourceforge.net
>	http://bofh.be/clusterknoppix/
>BTW, if you haven't discovered Knoppix, you're missing something.
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