[rescue] Perverse Question

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Sat Jun 7 16:42:43 CDT 2003

On Saturday, June 7, 2003, at 04:38 PM, Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:

> On Sat, 7 Jun 2003, Robert Novak wrote:
>> Your opinion is okay, it's just not mandatory or even valid for 
>> everyone.
>> The small cases for PCs are not as easy to find for a reasonable price.
>> I'd rather spend $10-20 on an IPX case than $100-200 for one of the
>> minicube PC cases.
>> An' it harm none, do what thou wilt, and all.
> But the original objection to it was that it's fairly offensive to
> come onto the RESCUE list and ask about ripping the guts out of
> workstation-class hardware and put PCs in it.

That was _my_ original objection to it.  Contacting somebody personally 
or maybe posting to a PC-mods list somewhere would have been correct but 
this list is about _keeping_ older hardware.  Not cannibalizing it.  It 
might have been acceptable on the Geeks at sunhelp list but I don't think 
it belongs here.

> Maybe the "mission" of this list has changed, but generally the PC
> stuff wasn't that welcome here, mainly because of the huge concentration
> of knowledge about PC stuff elsewhere.

True.  This is our little corner of the world for old hardware Geeks.


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