[rescue] Re: DG Aviion 3600R rack, AS4100

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Sat Jun 7 15:44:34 CDT 2003

On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, Gavin Hubbard wrote:

> >> In one of my wanderings this week, I ran across a Data General Aviion
> There are several companies out there who will buy used DLT drives for
> refurbishment. It can be a nice way of underwriting the purchase of the
> rest of the hardware :-)

Unfortunately, they can't underwrite the refurbishing of my back. And
while I didn't look too close, I suspect it wanted 208V or 220V power. I'm
not sure I could swing the AC (both kinds) to run the 4100, much less a
dual Aviion. :)

> >> Now the Alphaserver 4100 with three storageworks arrays and a tape
> >> [..] What's a "B3052" in DEC terms, and is it worth noting if there's a
> >
> >   B3052 is a later-model PCI/EISA motherboard.
> >
> >   Umm, if you have a chance to get that machine, you should.
> I agree with Dave. The AS4100 is a really good platform and they are
> plummeting in value now that the ES40 platform (which effectively
> replaced it) is becoming so easy to find on the ex-lease market. They
> other thing to remember is that companies are moving off AS systems en
> masse and many are dumping their AS infrastructure.

Yeah, I'm not sure I'd use it but it would be cool. If it goes extremely
cheaply, and if I sell some stuff by end of day tomorrow (enough to catch
up on my shipping backlog and pay the current bills), I will bid on it.

> Incidentally, if the Storageworks arrays have 18GB and 36GB disks in
> them you should be able to get some really good $$ for them (they were
> the largest sizes produced in that format and still worth quite a bit on
> the used equipment market).

It was listed as having seven 9GB disks. I didn't remove the SBB modules
to check... my bid would be ludicrously low assuming any working
components, and I'm not sure who I could bribe to help me get it up the
stairs. Or where I'd put it once I did get it up the stairs, for that


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