[rescue] Perverse Question

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Sat Jun 7 13:37:48 CDT 2003

On Sat, 7 Jun 2003, Al Potter wrote:

> rnovak at indyramp.com said:
> > Note that this is probably also the case with many Sun systems which
> > are capable of powering up via keyboard. I just thought of this.
> Good Thought!
> The IPC/IPXen don't work that way, but I _think_ the Classic/LXen do.

I'm moderately sure of it for Classic, as now that I look at one, it has
the momentary contact rocker switch, not the on/off switch.

> I've also considered using something like this:
> 	http://store.yahoo.com/ituner/posoformi.html
> which is designed to snap into the atx PS connector on the mini-itx
> board, and which wants a single 12v lead, which I cannot imagine NOT
> being available from the sun PS.

I found an old Rescue posting that sets the Classic PS at 12V at 2A,
-12V at .1A, and 5V at 9A.

Check out
(or just google for http://scootz.net/~travis/ProjectIPX/) ... someone
else had the same idea. The pics are apparently gone, but apparently the
board this guy chose to use was expecting 3.3V.

I'm sure the pinouts are somewhere, but google isn't showing them with the
searches I'm trying.

AH. Here we go.
There are two +12V pins you can draw from, and one -12V.

> BTW, if you haven't discovered Knoppix, you're missing something.

I just experienced it this week. Startup of the office apps on a p3-900
was a bit slow, but it is pretty cool. If there were something similar for
SPARC, that would be extremely cool. However, I don't think gzip or bzip2
will be much faster on an IPX with 64MB than on a Pentium III 900MHz with
384MB. :)

I just had another odd thought... portable LCD for the IPX form factor.
Wonder if you could hack a Playstation LCD to work with some sort of frame
buffer. Still probably wouldn't be easy to set up with battery power, but
one power cord is better than two, and an LCD is a lot lighter than even a
12" tube. :)


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