[rescue] Spam (was: Perverse Question)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Jun 7 13:02:25 CDT 2003

Rich Kulawiec says, in part, among much very good stuff ...

> 3. The answer to spam, if there is such a thing as a single answer,
> is to recognize that spam does NOT exist in a vacuum; it relies on
> support services such as IP connectivity, DNS, web hosting, mailboxes,
> etc.  Anyone providing such services must revoke them immediately and
> permanently.

Right, but given that there is a financial incentive for ISPs and network
operators to support spammers, we have to have something to offset this.  My
suggestion is to make them civilly liable for knowing transmission of spam,
and this has to be done by law.  Unless there's an established way to
_force_ the ISPs and networks to disconnect the spammers and their
supporters, a number of them won't do so, and that number seems to be

I fully agree with the rest of your post, and have forwarded it to my mail
admin so he can see the technical details.


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