[rescue] Perverse Question

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Sat Jun 7 09:29:40 CDT 2003

Gawd, I love stiring up a hot topic....    8-)

I guess what would be ideal, if there was such a beast, would be a 
replacement mainboard of IPX/IPC size, with compatible power connectors, but 
with mini-itx guts.

I have PLENTY of these things up and running, as DNS servers, NIS servers 
and in one case, with the help of a prestoserve card and the oh-so-rare 
memory expansion board, a file server.  All of the 4c's up and running (in 
use) are IPXen, with Weiteks.  I have an unraped IPC preserved for my 

The rest are fair game.

As someone pointed out, it would be very different if these were special, 
rare or historically significant, even if the only significance were the 
identity of the previous owner, or the presence of a data classification 
label at an interesting level.

They are not.  Machines like this are available by the pallet, in some cases 
for the "fee" of removing said pallet (and returning the skid empty).

The particular ones I'm really interested in converting are idle, and I 
cannot (read: I am not allowed to) hand them over for rescue.  I'm trying to 
get some life and use out of them.

Now, back to the real question, which was would the IPX/IPC power supply be 
convertible to feed a mini-ipx board through an ATX connector. I had not 
considered the power-on issue.

How does that work with a "proper" atx supply?  Is it never totally off or 


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