[rescue] Perverse Question

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Fri Jun 6 23:32:49 CDT 2003

On Friday, June 6, 2003, at 11:19 PM, Robert Novak wrote:

> On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, Mike Hebel wrote:
>> You are an evil, evil, evil person.  If you want an empty case to put
>> these in at least send me the insides.  I rather like the idea of
>> running small Sparcs in a VME bus like rack...
>> I'm angry enough to subscribe you to Amazon.com's mailing list.
> I think you typoed "I don't know" as well, Mike.

I know exactly what I'm saying thank you.

> Some days I wish I could get worked up over such insignificant things, 
> but
> then I'm glad I don't jump to conclusions when I do. I just wish things
> like someone rescuing a well-designed case were the pinnacle of 
> "problems"
> I have to deal with.

Point taken.  I'm a little raw from lack of sleep and cleaning viruses 
off of machines all day.  308 I Love You's on one machine alone....

> Anyway, there's this thing called proportion. If an IPC or IPX were 
> rare,
> historical, or significant, that's one thing (tearing up a Sun 1 is 
> vile).
> But if it's something you can get almost as easily as syphillis in New
> Orleans during Mardi Gras[0], just lay off the guy, ok? And if you can't
> get IPCs and IPXes that easy, let me know. I'll sell you a shload[1] of
> them.

I can understand the proportion thing but I feel you're overestimating 

Look at what an IPC/IPX used to cost.  Companies didn't buy all _that_ 
many of them because they were expensive.  If you've seen a lot of 
them - fine.  That's your experience.  I still feel that these machines 
which worked their hearts out for people should not be thrown to the 
side, effectively, because someone is looking for a cheap case.  Some 
things in my eyes are just "not right".
Count it as an opinion if it makes you feel better but I feel very 
strongly that machines like this, and others, should have a chance are 
remaining useful. It's why I'm subscribed to this list.

> [0] Going on hearsay here.

"I'm not gonna touch that with a 50 foot cattle prod Kyle."

> [1] One metric shload, which is approximately 1.6 Imperial shloads.

I only wish I could afford to buy, store, and feed that shload.


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