[rescue] Perverse Question

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Fri Jun 6 19:08:33 CDT 2003

OK, apologies in advance.....

I remember someone posting this link:


I have SEVERAL IPX/IPC systems that are currently in use as doorstops, 
bookshelf props, monitor stands, etc.  I have replaced them with cheapass 
LXen and Classics, as they have more bawls and builtin 10BaseT.

No, these IPX/IPCs are not rescuable.

Dropping a mini-itx mobo into these is interesting (I'm thinking cluster, 
BTW), but the power supply issue bothers me....

I would much rather use the sun PS than rape it out and kludge in some 
cheapass PC PS.

Is it feasible to come up with an IPX/IPC Molex to ATX conversion?  Are the 
voltages that an ATX board wants available from one of these PSs?

(woefully ignorant of PS schtuff)

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