[rescue] RS/6000 Model 390 and PowerStation 560... Comments?

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Fri Jun 6 18:34:41 CDT 2003

> >>    The POWER2 CPU has more testicles per clock cycle. :)
> >
> > So I assume Integers are of the ovarian persuation then....
>    Yeah, that's it. ;)
>    I have a balls-loaded RS/6000 99K here that I *still* haven't fired
> up.  I need to do that.  Fun hardie-ware.

So.... that means that your computer room is the tech equivalent of a gay
bar? *ducks and runs from Dave*

(Not that there is anything wrong with being gay of course....)

PS. Where the heck do you get the space for all that stuff? We should do a
recount to see which people have the most ISA-diverse collections at home.

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