[rescue] Re: Bodoman

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Thu Jun 5 18:18:02 CDT 2003


Thanks for chiming in....

rip at flagon.com said:
> Al, the "SNMP
> Baby" listing was two things:  rather funny, and incredibly
> misleading.  Based on the dealings others have had with John, and some
> list commentary at the time, I *have* to believe he knew better but
> was trying to pump-and-dump some SM100s.

Pump and dump is probably an accurate discription, based on the conversation 
I had with him (face to face) shortly thereafter.

Then again, I don't seen anything wrong with that, particularly in an 
auction environment. I have to say that I believe that "SNMP BABY" was a 
typo of "SMP BABY", in other words, an unintentionally humorous and honest 

One of the key characteristics of auctions is that sometimes you get good 
deals, sometimes you don't, but in all cases it pays (pun intended) to KNOW 
what you are bidding on.

I have several SM100s that I would be HAPPY to sell at 1/2, no, even 1/4 
what Bodoman got, some are even MATCHED SETS from original, RARE early 
production SUN 4/600 systems (which I personally obtained from the original 
owners), the FIRST SNMP Sparc systems on the planet!
(Intentional Typo)

Own a piece of HISTORY! 



For the record, I am NOT defending OR recommending John, neither am I 
condemning him.

I have had a couple of good experiences with him, and one outstanding one.  
In all cases, I knew what I was buying.

> Big Mike has also vouched for Mr. Bodo to me IIRC, and I respect both
> you and Big Mike--so I wish Bodoman well and I might even buy from him
> again.  But the next purchase wouldn't be a $10k computer..

I would HOPE that someone getting ready to spend $10K on USED HARDWARE of 
any description from ANY source would take care to inform themselves on the 
nature of the beast in question, and where possible, lay eyes and hands on 
the merchandise.  I know that I would.

Simply stated, I don't want to see people dissing ANY vendor on heresay.


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