[rescue] Re: Bodoman

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Thu Jun 5 20:11:11 CDT 2003

> Has anyone ELSE on the list actually done business with John Bodo
Yes, back in the Good Old Days when he was very conscientious about
trying to accurately list what he was selling, and fully describe it
for those who were less knowledgeable.  My first transaction with
him was a joy. 

The second one, after he had started posting somewhat incomplete
(perhaps even misleading) auctions on eBay, never did complete IIRC--
he never followed through according to my (admittedly imperfect)
memory.  Then again, several folks that I bought from on eBay
later went south, and he wasn't the worst (at least he didn't take
the money and run.) 

> or is this all FUD over the "SNMP Baby" ebay listing?
Al, the "SNMP Baby" listing was two things:  rather funny, and
incredibly misleading.  Based on the dealings others have had
with John, and some list commentary at the time, I *have* to
believe he knew better but was trying to pump-and-dump some SM100s.
It's the most realistic explanation, with the other being that
it was an honest mistake and he was over-worked.  But if the
latter is the case, then why spend that much time writing a
vague (and perhaps misleading) auction description. 

Big Mike has also vouched for Mr. Bodo to me IIRC, and I respect both
you and Big Mike--so I wish Bodoman well and I might even buy from him
again.  But the next purchase wouldn't be a $10k computer... 

Rip Loomis, CISSP
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