[rescue] AS/400 question

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Jun 5 16:42:45 CDT 2003

   Ahh, found that AS/400 PPC processor info in "Exploring IBM AS/400 
computers" by Hoskins and Dimmick (Maximum Press, 1998).  The RISC 
AS/400 processors are called "PowerPC AS":

   "PowerPC AS microprocessors have several unique features not found in 
the base PowerPC architecture (decimal support, move assist, vectored 
supervisory calls, tagged operations, etc).  These extensions help 
RISC-based AS/400 systems maintain and enhance commercial transaction 
performance.  Commercial computing workloads have different 
characteristics than engineering/scientific computing workloads (a 
traditional strength of RISC)."

   The PowerPC AS microprocessor family consists of:

   A10 - single-chip 77MHz superscalar, 231 MIPS, 4KB instruction cache, 
8KB data cache, optional 1MB L2 cache.

   A30 - seven-chip (!) 154MHz superscalar, 616 MIPS, 8KB instruction 
cache, 256KB data cache, 2- and 4-way SMP capable.

   A35 - single-chip 125MHz superscalar, 375 MIPS, 64KB instruction 
cache, 64KB data cache, 1MB or 4MB L2 cache.

   These sound like pretty beefy processors to me.


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