[rescue] Re: Re: Unixsurplus.com - any feedback?

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Thu Jun 5 14:59:33 CDT 2003

On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, Gavin Hubbard wrote:

> Oh sh*t
> I'd seen the name bodoman before but hadn't clicked. Considering I was
> just about to place an order for a ~$10k machine it mught be time to
> reconsider.
> Thanks for the warning!!

I've bought stuff from him, and talk to him 1-2x/mo at the swaps. I
haven't had such bad luck with him, and in my experience he means well,
but I do agree you have to know what you're getting from him and what it's
worth. Not so different from any big item purchase. Get a manifest of part
numbers and quantities, and a written warranty/T&C, and you should be

He's the "SNMP BABY" guy.


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