[rescue] Re: AS/400 question

nimitz at speakeasy.net nimitz at speakeasy.net
Thu Jun 5 11:47:50 CDT 2003

> > It was black with a big red cable shield at one end. Basically the same as the following picture from an EBay auction:
> http://images.andale.com/img/imageTemplate.html?img=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.andale.com%2Ff2%2F119%2F107%2F8492676%2F1037045567105_170ibmrev4.jpg&marketId=1
> The only difference is that the system I looked at had a QIC tape drive under the CDROM drive.

I can't look at the pictures due to being at work right now but if it's black then it should be PPC.  _I think_.

You should be able to punch the specs into IBM's site though and get the right info.

If it is PPC I'm betting that NetBSd will run on it.

Mike Hebel

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