[rescue] It really sucks ....

Robert Rose rr at rits.com.au
Thu Jun 5 03:55:43 CDT 2003

At 03:49 PM 3/06/2003 -0500, Phil wrote:
>That does indeed look like precisely the correct tray.  The HP part
>number on it should be D3349B.  How much are you seeing them for?  The
>SS/6 takes, well, six.  :)

No part numbers like that, all I can see that looks like a part number is 
5182-4544 Rev D
5002-3249 Rev B

however, it does have a warning sticker on the back warning about the use 
of this Ultra SCSI drive in an External Storage System /6, so I think 
that's sufficient to say it's compatible.

I've got two I could be talked out of for a few dollars or a favour, and 
I've got two in use that I'm not too keen to let go of, but would if I 
could find something functionally similar (ie. mount SCA drives in 5.25" 
drive bays in an LDPro).  I believe I could probably obtain more for around 
$US5 each, certainly no more than $US10.

Let me know (offline) if you want me to acquire these for you and I'll 
start making some calls.


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