SGI non-linear editing ... was[rescue] WTB: SS20 Ram, External SCSI CD

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at
Wed Jun 4 08:03:54 CDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 01:13:46AM -0500, Andrew Giedraitis wrote:
> MY intergraph GT1 is 45 lbs with 2 thin drives
> of course my indigo IRIS and R10000 are very dense also
> But I believe the heavier machines are built better
> even the wintel SGI 320 is afairly dense unit (and an excellent video
> editing computer)
> what unix SGI's are best for video?

That's easy.  Pick your price level:
O2 with AV option
Octane with PVO (or DVO for more money).
Onyx with Sirius
Onyx2 (or better) with DM?.

Any of those other than the O2 is going to be serious scratch.

There are options for the Indy and I2, but those cards tend to cost so
much as to make an O2 with AV option look like a much better deal,
especially since it's quality would be higher.

Of course, the killer is editing software.  I'm not really sure of any
packages under $5k other than Premiere, which is discontinued (and
frankly you'd be better off with a Mac then) and the utilities that come
with Irix.  That will hopefully change in the near future.

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