[rescue] Re: It really sucks .... (disk tray, spud, and sled division)

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Wed Jun 4 00:27:40 CDT 2003

Andrew Giedraitis writes: 

> I've got a few 50 pin drives if your interested

Since you replied to the list (   =8-)    ) I'll
reply in kind.  Not really shopping around for
50-pin drives; the largest I've got are 4GB drives
but I've got several of those with a couple on the
shelf waiting to go into either an SS10 or an
Indigo2.  If you have ones you're looking to peddle
then please feel free to send me details and an
asking price either in private mail or send stuff
to the list.  Shipping for me would be to zip 21046. 

(Note to self:  Work on the automatic filters for
 your/you're and affect/effect, since so many
 folks on rescue seem to have issues with those

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