[rescue] IRIX WordPerfect 6 demo

KRM kevin at pipeline.com
Wed Jun 4 00:18:31 CDT 2003

Anyone here know the trick to getting the IRIX version of WordPerfect 6 
(demo) to install properly?  I was able to get the file uncompressed and 
replaced the missing/corrupt files from the archive (if you've done this 
before you'll know what i am referring to here:)  The install appears to 
go fine but nothing is actually installed.  According to some old 
comp.sgi postings this was a known problem and there was a known fix but 
my searches haven't yielded any further info.

BTW: I'm not planning on actually using WP6, i already have OpenOffice 
1.0.3 happily running.  I just wanted to mess around with it.  Guess you 
could say i want to "Rescue" some older software :)


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