[rescue] Re: It really sucks .... (disk tray, spud, and sled division)

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Tue Jun 3 20:30:53 CDT 2003

Sheldon T. Hall writes:
> http://store.yahoo.com/justdeals/com50pinscsi.html
> Compaq hot-swap trays for $9.00 each.

Shel, these are the trays for 50-pin drives.  Given
that you can also get Compaq trays for the same vintage
of system that will take SCA drives (and of course, there
are also ones for 68-pin drives), the only folks these
would be useful for are those with either a bunch of
large 50-pin drives (which they obviously don't need and
should send to me for use in SPARC 10s) or those who
somehow have a *really* old Proliant that can't use
wide SCSI drives. 

Even the two Proliant 1500s that I rescued courtesy of
Big Mike N. could use wide drives...so I actually just
threw away three of these 50-pin trays.  Guess I should
have asked the list first... 

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