[rescue] Help - Axis Print Server is behaving badly

Brian Dunbar Brian.Dunbar at plexus.com
Tue Jun 3 17:21:48 CDT 2003

Replying to all

> Is it SNMP-manageable (use snmpwalk to see what it has)?  Can you telnet
to it?

I can telnet fine; hadn't thought about SNMP I'll be honest.

> Possibly there is an issue with the Form Feed stuff or conversion
involving CR/LF characters.

Could be - I'll have to poke around with that.

> Does it speak LPR, or do you have to dump the data stream to a network
port ?

We're using the latter, but it DOES speak (per the docs) LPR.  The 'print
server' (a W2K box) dumps to IP/port address.

AHHHHH perhaps that's the problem.  Our 'newer' Axis print servers route the
print job by port.  

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9100 > LPT1, 
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9200 > LPT2 
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9300 > COM1 

It looks like the job is being sent from the server > Axis device and
nothing happens after that.  Something to do with how that particular box
handles which port is used for the rTelnet stream ......  


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