[rescue] WTB: SS20 Ram, External SCSI CD

jwbirdsa at picarefy.com jwbirdsa at picarefy.com
Tue Jun 3 15:48:42 CDT 2003

>(first time I picked up an Indigo 2 I was wondering if SGI had a patent on
>exceeding the laws of physics with its materials density :-) ... onlything
>worse is a SparcServer 1000)

   I've been listening to folks complain about the weight of I2's for a
while now, so I just went and lifted one. It's certainly surprisingly dense,
making it heavy for its size, but it's not so heavy that it's hard to lift.
You can walk around with an I2, whereas there is no walking involved with a
SS1000. It's more like staggering around while resting every ten feet...

   --James B.

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