[rescue] WTB: SS20 Ram, External SCSI CD

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Tue Jun 3 01:22:19 CDT 2003

An SS20 should be fine for your stated tasks.  Mine (dual
SM81) is a tad slow, but that's due to having only 64megs of
RAM and it's running Solaris 9.  Back when it was running 2.6
it was much faster.  As others stated, a newer Sun wold be
roughly the same cost and a bit more upgradeable but all in
all if he's just running LaTeX, an SS20 would be more than


On Tue, 3 Jun 2003 11:25:22 -0500
Nathaniel Grady <nate at grady.is-a-geek.com> wrote:

> Well, basically I have the 20 allready, and it looks spiffy
> sitting where it is. For running a few xterms, it probably
> is sufficiently fast :-) He may very well switch to a mac
> next time his desktop is up for replacement, as the collage
> gives people the option to have either a mac or a pc. OS X
> Yummyness!
> --Nate

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