[rescue] low end SGI for sale (SFBA, California)

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Tue Jun 3 11:57:21 CDT 2003

Hi folks,

I have 2-3 Indigo2 and 2 Indy workstations available for sale. They're
currently located near San Jose, California, and if you're able to pick
them up I also have two 17" SGI monitors with cables to go with some of

I would prefer to sell these locally, because the I2s and monitors are a
bit bulky. I'm looking for $150 for an Indigo2, an Indy, a monitor, and an
Irix 6.5 media kit.

If you'd like an Indigo2 or Indy shipped, be aware that at least the
Indigo2 will be packaged at UPS Store/MBE so you're looking at $30 for
packaging probably. The Indy can ship cheaper, as it's lighter. Add UPS
ground or USPS Parcel Post on top of that. I will not ship monitors.

The configurations are pretty small (150-200mhz Indigo2s, small disk,
64-128MB RAM; don't remember on the Indy) but are complete and boot to
Irix 6.2 right now. If you're interested and want the specs, I can dig
them out or power up the systems and take notes.

I also have nearly a dozen Indigo2 chassis available for local pickup. Two
purples, a pile of teals, some with video (XL graphics). I also have some
mostly-stripped bits of Indys (some with CPU, none with PS). If you're
nearby and would like some or all of these before they go to the recycler,
get in touch. I'll take nominal donations for these--I paid about $20 each
but would be happy to get $10.

I'll consider local trades. If I'm shipping something, it has to be
cash/paypal, as I am incredibly broke these days and the shipping effort
isn't cheap in time or money.


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