[rescue] Hotswap disk trays (was Re: It really sucks .... )

Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Tue Jun 3 09:57:58 CDT 2003

Someone else was musing about an Axil RAID 
> server IIRC...

	That would have been me.

> I almost picked one up when those showed up on eBay, but the drive
> trays were 100% unalloyed unobtainium...and 18 months later they
> *still* are.  Hope you have better luck with the HP NetServer trays. 
>  --
> Rip Loomis, CISSP

	the problem with the axil trays is that they were proprietary as
fasr as I can tell. I managed to get three by buying another axil raid
cabinet (wait now I am loosing ground). I also managed to source the company
that made then for Axil, forget their name currently. It appeared that MAYBE
some of there other drive trays would fit but I never did get a chance to
find out. Drove me mad, so finally I gave up. If anyone found a good answer
speak up.

	The part that drove me mad was this. I bought my first one from
someone who had 50 of the the things , new in box. Now I know their must
have been manufactured somewhere the sleds that went into this thing. That
means there must be 350 sleds sitting somewhere. Where are they? I kepy
hoping that someone would pop up with them, but almost 4 years later no
luck, and the second one I got was short by four so make that 354 that I
know to be missing in the world. I just have this vision of a large pile of
them in a warehouse somewhere as a manager tells the scrub "Welp never did
figure out what these were for. toss em." NOOOO the horror......

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael.turner at whro.org

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