[rescue] SGI Challenge - Documentation

Sebastian Krohn seb at gaia.sunn.de
Tue Jun 3 09:50:47 CDT 2003

Hi, Gerhard!

Gerhard Lenerz <mail at g-lenerz.de> wrote:
>   are you looking for anything specific? The only thing I managed to

Im searching for information how this machine works, how the parts are
built-up, which chipsets are used and so on ...

>   find by digging around in archive.org was the PowerChallenge
>   Technical Report which contains some background on SGI and
>   supercomputing, a brief overview of the hardware (system and CPUs)
>   and some info on IRIX features/standards/compilers. Nothing really
>   interesting for maintenance or something like that though. If there
>   is interest for it I can still make it available somehow.

I found a HTMLified version at [1]. If yours is in a better
readable/downloadable format it would be great if you could make it
available somewhere. Or just send me a mail ...


[1] http://www.uoks.uj.edu.pl/resources/flugor/POWER/brief-toc.html

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