[rescue] Exabyte tape library

Jona Sperty myhpreseller at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 3 09:17:02 CDT 2003

Hmmm Pyramid certainly was not the birthplace of this tape library. More than likely Pyramid re-badged it with their label.
Is there a sticker on the back that has a part number? Or a date?
Does it power up and when it does is there any output on the LCD that says a firmware level or revision date?
After you remove the shipping bolts and powering on does the library attempt to center/calibrate the picker? (i.e  the robot arm that changes tapes)
Have you tried the serial interface? (8600, 8, N ,1)
If you can answer any of these I can probably find the manual for you. As for using it, almost all tape libraries are very easy to use with a unix box. As for windows, I have no idea!

Robert Rose <rr at rits.com.au> wrote:
Hi all,

I rescued an *unused* Exabyte tape library a few weeks ago. For pictures, see:

Unfortunately the vendor is long gone and I have no doco. There are no 
identifying marks on the case apart from "Pyramid Technologies". I was 
hopeful that someone might have seen one of these under a different badge 
and could possibly help me get it going.

I've not powered it up yet, I wanted to check and see if there was anything 
I needed to do like remove any screws used to secure the loader mechanism 
for transport, or set SCSI IDs.


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