[rescue] Hotswap disk trays (was Re: It really sucks .... )

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Mon Jun 2 23:34:40 CDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 12:21:56AM -0400, Rip Loomis wrote:
> >D3349B sounds like the part number I found, yeah.  Last time I looked
> >they were around $100 each.  I'll admit it hadn't occurred to me to look
> >for HP *drives* still in their trays.  I'll give it a shot, if I can
> >find the right drive part numbers.  Thanks for the suggestion!
> This method actually has worked well for me a couple of times now
> for Sun spud brackets and for Compaq SCA-capable hotswap trays.

Yeah, I just tried it and found three 4.2G Cheetahs in trays at $9.99
opening bid.  Looks like the trays have come down to around $20-25 each
on eBay, too, whereas from the dealers thay're still $80 new, $70 used.

> The bad news is that most of the eBay auctions that have such items
> for a lower (reasonable) price are the poorly written ones--so the
> real trick is coming up with the part numbers and/or other effective
> search terms so that you aren't having to look at a huge pile of
> unrelated crap. 
> Between that, and the "look for auctions of 4 or more so that the
> amortized shipping gets down to a reasonable number" trick, it's
> actually possible to populate an array like that from eBay.

Had any luck with one-a-day auctions from the same seller and asking,
"Hey, can you hang on and ship these together"?

There's a small, but non-zero, chance that I might actually have income
again sometime in the next month or two.  And then I might actually be
able to pursue this.

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