[rescue] donated old PC parts...P100's, 1gb ide drives, etc...

phoetoid phoetoid at pyrospheric.net
Mon Jun 2 21:49:42 CDT 2003

Let me start of by saying that, This might sound sort of weird, and if
this is in appropriate for this list I apologize in advance.
I am currently a student/assistant administrator at spirit lake high
school, in spirit lake Iowa.  We (my boss, myself, and two other
students) have been given the go-ahead to build a medium sized
cluster.and we have decided upon using FreeBSD/Netbsd for our nodes, as
well as a yet-to-be-determined linux distribution for some odd 15
macintoshes that will be part of the cluster.  Anyways, onto the subject
of this mail..
We have gathered 10 386/486 PC's, all with 170-500Mb hdd's, and varying
amounts of ram. We have been working with two machines as a testbed, and
have come to the realization, that the 386's may be a bit slow..heh. so
we are looking high and low for people who would be willing to donate
older pc components to us.
We are looking for :
*	~1gb IDE hard drives 
*	10/100 network cards 
*	complete P100 or higher systems
if anyone on this list knows where I might look to get some of these
things either a) very cheaply, or b) free (better, since this is
*supposed* to not cost anything.blah budget cuts), or would like to
donate parts, please email me phoetoid at pyrospheric.net, or at
richardsc at mail.spirit-lake.k12.ia.us , that would be great. 
And again, if this is inappropriate for this list, I am very sorry, we
are just trying hard to get parts/machines for this cluster at a low
cost, or free, because we have almost no money to spend on it.
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